Staircase Styles

There are so many different styles of staircase it can often get if you are not sure which is which. We have broken our staircases down into six categories with a brief explanation to help you choose the right style for you.

Steel Mono Stringer Staircases

Our steel mono stringer consists of a powder coated solid metal stringer up the centre of the staircase giving the floating effect. Finished with floating treads of any material of the customer’s choice and aesthetic. 15mm clear toughened glass is fitted to the staircase with either hidden fixing caps to match up with the floating treads or the glass can be bolted using steel fixings in the customer’s choice of colour. The steel mono stringer will without a doubt be the heart of your home.

Floating Cantilever Staircases

Our cantilever staircases are a big feature our customers like to incorporate into their hallways. The cantilever staircase entails steel stringers fitted to the wall before the plaster work is applied to create the look of the floating staircase. Treads are then fitted onto the steel post plaster work in any material of your desire. Our cantilever staircase can be fitted with 15mm clear toughened glass with end hidden cap fixings to create the minimalist railing look.

Spindle Staircases

Spindle staircases can often be mistaken as a “traditional staircase” however we believe spindle staircases have a very modern effect on your home. Our spindles come in an endless number of styles, colours, and materials to achieve your desired goal. Metal spindles can be powder coated to the perfect ral colour to match up the aesthetic of your home while our wooden spindles can be French polished in the same way. Spindle staircases will always be a staircase to catch the eye.

Piano Staircases

Our piano staircases are created often using 2 different types of wood to create the contrast between the tread and the riser on your staircase. Our piano staircases can have any balustrade of your choice.

Metal Conversions

Conversions are always the answer for someone who wants to change up their staircase. Metal conversions are a new addition to the vast range of styles we offer. Metal conversions consist of metal panels powder coated in your desired colour and pattern. There are a range of different styles and colours to choose from.

Glass Conversions

Glass conversions are another type of conversion we offer at GL Joinery. Glass conversions can transform your hallway into an open and airy space making your house a home. Glass can be either grooved in making it seamless or fixed onto brackets to match up with your existing door handle aesthetic.

Know what you want?

If you’ve already done your research and know the type of staircase you want, head over to The Collection page to see examples of our work.

Stumped about your stairs?

There are so many staircases it can be hard to. know where to start. We’ve put together a handy guide you can download from our resources page.

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